What is it about picking a gift for Father’s Day that seems to be so difficult? Dads always seem to have everything they need and even if they don’t, they never want anything. And while spending quality time with dad is always the best gift, sometimes it’s nice to show your appreciation in other ways. That is why I have carefully curated a list of five unique gifts all dads will love to receive this Father’s Day. 

So let’s begin!

Father's Day Gift Guide

  1. Gentleman Jon Shave Kit- With a mission to bring “wet shaving back to the people” at an affordable price, Gentleman Jon Shave Kits are not only unique but practical as well. Made with the highest quality products and accessories, dad is sure to get the closest shave he has ever had! Plus, how cool is that packaging?!
  2. Snack Box Subscription- This is definitely my favorite gift of them all. Mouth snack and booze boxes are for any dad who enjoys interesting food and spirits. Pick from a wide variety of indie food snack boxes or go for the spirit/wine box. Either way, Dad will love receiving a new box of goodies each month! 
  3. Photo book- Perfect for the first time dad or father’s who are a little bit more sentimental, photo books are a great way to preserve all your precious memories. Shutterfly has some great deals and often will offer free 20-page photos books. If you choose to go the more traditional route and create a photo album, download the free Shutterfly app and receive unlimited free 4×4 or 4×6 prints!
  4. Vintage Sports Memorabilia- If your dad is a total sports fanatic than why not gift him with one-of-a-kind vintage sports memorabilia? Ebay has some great pieces and at some really affordable prices too! You can search by sport or even for a specific team. To get started, take a look here.
  5. Personalized Wine Label- For the dad that is a wine connoisseur give him the gift of a personalized wine label. Super easy to make and fully customizable, Personal Wine allows you to create a perfectly unique gift just for dad. Simply pick which wine your father would prefer, personalize it with a custom label or engraving, and that is it you’re done! 

And there you have it! Five unique gifts that any father would love. Share some of your own unique gift ideas or tell me what you ended up purchasing in the comments below!


 All opinions are my own. All rights reserved.


  1. Some really good ideas. I’m pregnant with my first and am doing something similar to the photo book. I’m going to buy a children’s book about daddies. I’m also cooking his favorite foods. Can’t go wrong with food.


    1. Congrats!!! Such a good idea I hope he enjoys celebrating his first father’s day! And no, you can never go wrong with food! haha


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