Growing up I had the absolutely worst diet. If it wasn’t Top Ramen, chicken, or cheese odds are I wouldn’t eat it. I practically hated everything, especially vegetables. But for some reason soon after I had Hayden, my first born, my palette changed. I started to enjoy and even crave some of the food I disliked growing up. Fast-forward to today and my eating habits have done a complete 360.  Continue reading “SMALL STEPS TOWARD A HEALTHIER DIET”


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It’s that time of year again, you know that day you dread as you get older. Yes, I’m talking about B-DAY. What is it that once you pass the age of 25 you don’t really want to discuss getting older anymore? I know what you’re thinking,  I’m only in my late 20’s why am I freaking out? And you’re right. But I have this weird thing with time. Just the thought of getting “old” gives me anxiety. Anyway, as my birthday approached this year I wasn’t filled with dread like I usually am. Instead, I feel more confident and comfortable in all aspects of my life. So, if that is something that comes more with age, then I guess turning older isn’t too bad. Okay, enough rambling, let’s talk about the fun stuff. Continue reading “BIRTHDAY BRUNCHING AT WINSOME”



For many years the Point Fermin Lighthouse has been at the top of my list as “one of the places I need to visit.” I have always been interested in history, so naturally I gravitated to this historic structure. Yet having always lived so close, literally down the street, I tended to always put off my visit, until recently. One day, on a whim, I decided to catch a tour not really knowing what I was in store for. Luckily everything worked out well but if you are not the type of person to be so spontaneous, here is what you need to know as a first time visitor.   Continue reading “POINT FERMIN LIGHTHOUSE”